Case Management

Our workflow helps the operators to get information they need in real time, with live updates we make sure that the customers get the exact help they need. The case manager is built with productivity in mind.

Custom Map System

With our own custom map system we can display all workshops connected to our Roadside platform, the operator can easily use the map to locate, search and activate a workshop close to the case. And to make it even easier we integrated the GPS location of the servicevan so that the operator can see the current location of the mechanic.


By integrating articles in Roadside we can create and send an invoice directly from a case, this means that the time spent while invoicing will be drasticly reduced.

Mechanic Interaction

With two clicks we can activate a mechanic, the mechanic will then get a notification by email and sms. The mechanic can then work on the case on their smartphone. By adding time, kilometers, pictures and articles to the case we can automate the invoicing process. The customer will automaticly get a notification when the case is completed by the mechanic.


By adding all internal and external units we can easily keep track and meassure costs by a specific unit. Adding specific information to the unit also speeds up the process while creating a case since the case manager automaticly gets, for example, tire dimension from the unit while creating a new case.


If a case doesn't require immidiate action, Roadside provides the option to handle the case through our planboard module. With a custom calendar system the operator will receive notifications and information about the case on the given time.

Temporary Login

To optimize the productivity in Roadside we can let the supplier connected to a case login with a temporary account. The workshop can then upload files, comment and complete the case.


By integrating tags we can define what type of services a specific workshop can do, for example, a workshop can have the tag "Tire" so that when we have a Tire case we can choose only to display Tire workshops on the map module.


Statistics are always usefull information, therefore we provide the operators with statistics when ever needed such as cases per month, what case type takes most time, total sales etc.

Customer Login

To save countless of hours for the operator by updating the customer on the status of the ongoing cases, we can let the customer have their own account where they can see all cases, both ongoing and completed ones. They will also be able to get reports and much more directly from the case.

Softphone Intergration

To help the operator we added click to call buttons all over Roadside. So that the operator easily can get in contact with both suppliers and customers.


Store contact information for a specific customer and reduce time while creating a case. We also provide the functionality to set a credit limit to a customer. With the possibility to also lock a customer and set a note means that you will never help a customer who have unpaid bills again.


All information in Roadside can easily be exported to both PDF and xls (excel) format.


We let our customers customize the layout and design in Roadside, with own logotypes and colors we make Roadside look like the customers own software.

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